Foltene Pharma ☆ 装飾化粧品

Foltene Pharma

The Foltène® Pharma brand is a complete scientific care line for the hair, eyelashes and nails. It comprises of a series of value-adding cosmetic products with a special focus on the prevention and treatment of hair-loss problems.

The company has always regarded research and development as a key factor for success. The effectiveness of the products lies in the company's patented and exclusive actives, Tricosaccaride® and Tricalgoxyl® for which results of research have shown that they :

  • a. Nourish and Stimulate the natural growth of hair, 
  • b. Normalize and Strengthen the life cycle of hair, 
  • c. Restore the biological functions of the scalp

Foltène® Pharma’s formulas without Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Parabens assures an extra-delicate cleansing action, preserving the health of the hair without altering the scalp’s natural protective film (all the above only for the Shampoo range).

現時点では、Foltene Pharmaの化粧品の準備はFeelBeウェブストアでは利用できない、またはFoltene Pharmaのの準備の購入だけで顔の皮膚の正確な診断と完全一致の後に可能となりますので、準備は、活性成分を含有します 準備。